Hard Quiz or Brilliant PR?

Whether we like to admit it or not, it has to be said that at least 90% of us have procrastinated from whatever we’re supposed to be doing, and found ourselves taking online quizzes instead.


Oftentimes, these quizzes have us discovering things about ourselves that no-one ever needed to know… for instance, I’m more like Thor than Iron Man and if I attended Hogwarts, I would be best friends with Neville Longbottom.

But what happens when a quiz becomes more than just a fun way to waste time?

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Master of None

This blog post is a follow-up post on last week’s Jack of All Trades, and the second part of the Jack of all trades saying is, as many people know, master of none. In this blog post, I will look into the subject of PR and analyse it in what I hope will be a new way (it’ll certainly be new for me!). Continue reading

Jack of All Trades

We live in a time of fast technological growth and ever-expanding expectations. More and more, we are all assumed to be well versed in trends and advancements, as well as keeping up to date on changing social norms and correctness.

Oftentimes we can feel overwhelmed by the evolving world around us, especially in PR.

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The “Fake Travel” Challenge

Everyone knows that a lot of online content can easily be faked. From Photoshop to Facetune, we all have to take online images with a pinch of salt and try to remember that not everything we see can be believed.

So, what happens when people decide to fake a lifestyle? Fake homes, money or trips to other countries? In the true online social experiment way, many people have been taking up the “Fake Travel” challenge to see if they can trick their Instagram followers into believing that they’re somewhere else in the world.

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Mindful Mother’s Day

I’ve said it a million times, but PR is the management of relationships. PR comes in many forms, including internal communications, external comms, marketing, advertising, and more.

But as another Mother’s Day comes and goes, I can’t help but think that some PR (in the above capacities) could be causing unintended harm to some members of the public.

*This is your warning – this blog post is NOT going to be a happy one. It may contain some triggering ideas, but it will also attempt to address the issues raised*

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Why I’m Taking A Week Off Blogging

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This week, I made a serious decision. A decision that will not only affect the course of my life, but also, the course of this blog.

The decision itself doesn’t matter for this post (rest assured, a blog post containing all the details will be coming soon!) but something else has arisen from this decision that I have to briefly discuss here and now.

I want to take a week away from blogging.

Yes. This week.

“But this is a blog post?!” I hear you cry (that may just be me).

Yes. It is.

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I Wonder If She Knows?

Today, I wanted to post a simple tweet of five words that I had been thinking all day:

I wonder if she knows?

But as my thumb hovered over the ‘tweet’ button, something came to mind that I had never really considered before. The thought that this tweet could mean so many things to so many people. Continue reading