Is Schwim A Crim?

Is actor David Schwimmer a thieving criminal? ‘Incriminating’ images have surfaced this week that seem to have the whole world asking this question: is @Schwim a crim?

The original post from the Blackpool Police Facebook page makes no reference to Schwimmer, or his character Ross from FRIENDS, however it didn’t take long for commenters to see the image (below) and make the connection.


Several people immediately shared their “PIVOT” and “is he on a break?” comments, and the post soon went viral enough for David Schwimmer himself to weigh in on the debate.

Image Credit

Now from a PR perspective, this could be considered a crisis situation for Schwimmer – no-one wants to be thought of as a criminal – but the way that he handled the situation is a good example of crisis management.

Here is his response:

With his signature humour, the tweet can be seen as both funny and effective. For instance, the first line of his tweet states that he didn’t do it – this demonstrates his position simply and gets straight to the point. The second statement backs up the first, giving his alibi (whether needed or not) and solidifies the non-criminal perceptions of the actor, thus recovering any loss of belief in his character (if anyone was even convinced that it was him in the picture!).

The third line is kind and diplomatic, as he wishes the Blackpool Police luck with the investigations, cementing Schwimmer’s reputation as a good guy.

The final statement, in the form of the hashtag #itwasntme, leads into the humorous video that he attached to the tweet, in which he re-enacts the scenario that resulted in the original photo.

Not only has this timely and entertaining response from Schwimmer benefited himself (over 95,000 likes, over 36,000 retweets and his name in headlines), it has also benefitted the Blackpool Police and spread the word on the search for this criminal.

Blackpool Police have responded in equally good humour to this situation, as they commented on their original post with this, earning themselves credit with people of Blackpool, the UK and beyond:


Well done, to both David Schwimmer and the Blackpool Police force for creating such a positive situation out of what could easily have been a negative one! And I extent my own good luck wishes to the police in this matter.

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