Paranormal PR

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Halloween, being the most paranormally prolific time of year, sees a large increase in interesting PR stunts and campaigns that embrace the supernatural.

From ghost-hunting companies to trick-or-treats sweets, Halloween is all around us for the whole of October. So how can non-spooky companies take advantage of this?

Here is a list of four ways in which PR can be embraced for Halloween –


  1. Paranormal Products

The first, and perhaps most obvious, way to increase a company’s Halloween public relations, would be to provide Halloween-related products.

Not only will this get customers through the doors to buy your products in time for Halloween, but some products and campaigns will get people talking too.

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For instance, Starbucks (in true Starbucks form) have been sweeping the internet with the Halloween release of their #WitchsBrewFrappucino  – a purple drink that has everyone talking. Because of its limited-edition nature and eye-catching look, it’s fast become the must-have new drink, pleasing customers old and new.


  1. Ghoulish Gatherings

Another way to improve your public relations during Halloween, is to create spooky events. Halloween is something many people celebrate – often going out to enjoy the fancy dress elements of the night.

One way of refining your Halloween PR this way, is to create an event that shows your company off. Throw a themed party or decorate your shop/website for easy and fun improvements.

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One example of this would be Task Force Paintballing’s Halloween zombie survival event that has been drawing customers in from across South Wales. It has been promoted on and new customers have been made aware of the company through this themed campaign.


  1. Eerie Experiences

Sometimes, however, companies can benefit from the inherit spooky nature of some places and create eerie experiences from that.

For example, several castles and other sites across Wales offer ghost tours, taking advantage of the stories that have been told in these historic places over the years.

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In 2018 specifically, Swansea Bay Museum has embraced its vintage items and the possible haunted history of some of their displays. The museum have invited Fearless Afterlife Encounters paranormal investigators to ‘verify’ the haunted objects and the campaign has also gained newcomers from their Wales Online article.


  1. Getting in the Spirit
The burning of the Wicker Man, as part of St Fagans Halloween events. Image Credit

Finally, it’s easy to forget that the employees of a company are also one of its publics. Allowing employees to dress up can be a free and easy way to get your company into the Halloween spirit. Not only can it boost morale of the staff, it can also have a positive effect on customers too.

For instance, St Fagans National Museum of Welsh History allow their staff to dress up and walk around the museum, interacting with the visitors in many ways. Some of the staff are there to help, some are simply there to add to the atmosphere (though I’m sure they’ll help too!).

This makes for a memorable visit to the museum and something that many families will return to, year after year.

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