Sailing the C’s with Richard Bailey

One week ago today, Richard Bailey (PR blogger and mind behind #bestPRblogs) gave a talk to my MSc Public Relations class at the University of South Wales. He imparted some of his seventeen years of blogging know-how, and in just one hour, made the whole class more confident in the art of Public Relations blogging.

He bestowed upon us the three C’s of blogging and shared his opinion one other C that is already becoming very important to the online world of sharing thoughts and ideas.

Firstly, the three C’s of blogging are:

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Content – consistent and high-quality content is obviously one of the most important aspects of blogging.

Community – you can become part of an existing community, create your own community, or both. Connecting with other people not only enhances the success of your blog, but also opens doors to new opportunities.

Curation – it’s all well and good creating constant content, but you have to curate your blog to represent yourself, your brand and the core ethics and values that you have. It’s also important to ensure that you post relevant and/or interesting posts – no-one wants to read a weekly blog of boring or irrelevant information.

And the big final C is all about blogging in general. It can be said that the term ‘blogging’ is old-fashioned, and quickly becoming outdated. Mr. Bailey shared his thoughts on this with us in the following way:

Conversation – instead of calling it ‘blogging’, he suggests that we call it ‘conversation’. In the same way that Public Relations in general has been moving towards a more two-way conversation in recent years, the same can be said about blogging. With the ability to interact with bloggers becoming easier and easier (through comments, likes, shares, tweets, etc.), the blogging world is also beginning to resemble more of a conversation than a single-person outlet of information.

th (4).jpg
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I would agree with Mr Bailey that blogging is, indeed, a dying term. It narrows the possibilities that public relations professionals and students alike would be able to explore under the term ‘conversation’.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Richard Bailey for talking to our class – I believe that you have made the last week of PR blogging much more empowering for each of us, and I hope that we can all carry the torch of PR conversation into the future under your guidance.

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