It’s A Lidl Bit Funny

Today’s new Christmas advert uproar is all about the long-anticipated John Lewis ad – but some people aren’t happy.

The advert starts out with Elton John, sitting at his piano at home, playing Your Song. Then, as the touching lyrics are sung, the story of the advert goes back through time, until finally we see him as a young boy coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to open the gift of his first piano.

See the video here:

The tagline is that “Some gifts are more than just a gift” and while the story and sentiment are sweet enough for some, others have seen the advert as much less endearing than that.

Image Credit

Some viewers have perceived the advert to be more of an ad for Elton John than the heart-warming Christmas story we’ve all come to expect. As well as this, some people are upset with the fact that not all parents can afford a full-size piano for their children, and Elton’s words of “I don’t have much money” in the song seems to be rubbing salt in the wounds of disappointed parents across the UK.


Perhaps the ad magnates at John Lewis have missed a trick this Christmas, but another company has jumped to the rescue of the disappointed British public.

Lidl have understood the popular opinion, and have responded to the Elton ad with the following tweet –

Image Credit


With the tweet text reading

Just because you don’t have £872 to spend on a piano, doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Elton. #EltonJohnLewis

And the image caption of

“It’s a Lidl bit funny”

Lidl have truly come out on top in terms of popular opinion and public relations. They have spotted an opportunity and they have presented a creative and honest response.

Well played, Lidl. Well played.

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