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Two months ago today, I started a blog named Red Panda Public Relations.

Then, I had no knowledge of Public Relations blogging, or if I’m honest, anything about Public Relations in general!

But here I am, eight weeks and twenty (!) blog posts later, and I am proud of what I have achieved so far…

During this process, I have learned so many new things that I’ve had no trouble keeping up with topics for two blog posts per week (although the word limit has been a bit more of a struggle!).

I have met some fantastic bloggers and PR professionals along the way, and I can say that they have made the journey much more fun than it would have been alone.

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But it hasn’t all been fun and games. With my severe anxiety, I have found content creation on such a schedule to be challenging, to say the least.

With my depression, I have found motivation to elude me on more than one occasion, and in such a fast-moving and ever-changing sector, this has made things rather difficult for me.

My social anxiety has contributed to my struggles, as I have little contact with the ‘real’ world when in my worst states (sadly, quite often in these past two months).

Still, I have laughed, and I have cried while writing these posts.

And as I sit here now, looking back on what I have achieved, I feel as though it has been worth it. I have something to show for my efforts. I have something tangible and something that is out there for all to see. I have so much more than just a blog – I have a new beginning.

As a student blogger, I have had few likes/comments/shares on my posts, but I don’t measure my success by those numbers.

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My success lies in the fact that those few that have read it, have connected to the content. Several have reached out to me to say that my Mental Health posts are “important”. My Words and Phrases have helped myself and others to understand the basics of PR, and my Case Studies have reached audiences around the world!

In conclusion, I must say that has been a fantastic journey so far, and while my student obligation to write has ended, I hope to continue posting about PR and mental health for as long as I can.

Thank you for reading!

And special thanks to Michael Parsons of the University of South Wales, Richard Bailey of PR Place, and these wonderful fellow student bloggers –


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Andrea Price –

Lottie Wiltshire –

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Heather Kay –

Elian Owen –

Chelsea Jane Hall –

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