YouTube Created It’s Own Most Disliked Video Ever!

YouTube Rewind 2018 is now the most disliked YouTube video ever!

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What is YouTube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind is a video made by YouTube every year, with the aim of highlighting all the best things that have happened on YouTube throughout the year.

Most Disliked Video Ever

Rewind 2018 has quickly become the most disliked video on YouTube, reaching 12 million dislikes in just the first ten days!

Not only is this the highest number of dislikes on any single video in YouTube history (beating the former record of 9.9 million dislikes on Justin Bieber’s Baby), it also has the worst ratio of likes to dislikes on any major video this year – 12 million dislikes to just 2.2 million likes!

Taking only three days to reach the first 7 million dislikes, Rewind has been one of the worst received videos in YouTube history.

Not only have YouTube viewers been disappointed by the video – even the most positive creators have had some issues with Rewind:

The Downfall of YouTube Rewind

While a lot of the YouTube creators featured in Rewind 2018 have been rolling with the punches on this one and making jokes about how badly the video has been doing, the downfall of Rewind has been a long time coming.

A lot of creators involved in Rewind 2017 voiced their opinions on the negative aspects of the videos over the course of the last two years.

Several creators released videos detailing the unpleasant conditions of the filming days; many having to sit in cold and/or wet conditions for hours on set, only to be featured in the videos for less than a second.

It has also been shared on the platform that several creators found the process of filming Rewind to be more harmful than helpful.


Why Make Rewind?

YouTube makes Rewind every year, to showcase what the platform has achieved. In their own words, they say that the point is to highlight,

“the videos, music and trends that defined YouTube in 2018”.

They use it as an advertisement for the website and as the years pass, it becomes more and more evident that advertising is the driving force behind Rewind.

The video can be seen to feature only the squeakiest of clean creators, brand-friendly channels, and positive messages of YouTube.

The intention of the video is to highlight strong creators and gain the interest and investment of more advertisers than ever before.


So, What Went Wrong?

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Firstly, YouTube never directly addressed the issues raised by the creators that were upset by Rewind 2017 – instead, some of those creators were excluded from Rewind 2018 and YouTube changed the format of the video to include 100 or so creators this year, compared to the 250 creators of 2017. This, I think, has only served to further alienate any creators that had issues with Rewind, and in extension of that, the viewers and fans of said creators.

Secondly, the alienation of other creators continues this year, in the form of selective representation. Rewind 2018 only showed YouTubers that were 100% advertiser-friendly, thus leaving out (rightly or wrongly) some massive 2018 YouTube names, including:

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Shane Dawson: who created an eight-part documentary series on Jake Paul that reached 23 million views on part one alone! He also created other documentaries on Jeffree Star and TanaCon that have been widely talked about across a range of media throughout the year and have been regarded as YouTube-changing content.

Jake Paul: not only has Jake been the subject of a major docuseries, he was also involved in the boxing matches (including his brother Logan, and opponent KSI) that made news across the world, and was streamed by over 800,000 people live on YouTube itself.

PewDiePie: who has been battling for the top creator spot against T-Series all year.

Jenna Marbles: who has been consistently uploading on YouTube for ten years and has continued to push the boundaries of creative content throughout 2018.

Colleen Ballinger: who has not only created constantly entertaining videos throughout the year as both herself and her character Miranda Sings, but over the past nine months has been open about the difficulties of her first pregnancy, and created awareness of the struggles that many new mothers go through.

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The third issue is that many YouTube-only creators have been complaining all year about the amount of traditional media that has been on the YouTube trending page –  a page that is meant to highlight and share great new YouTuber content – yet, Rewind ignored the issues of this, and alienated is users further still by adding traditional media stars to their video, including Will Smith, Trevor Noah and more chat show hosts.

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The fourth issue is, in the same vein as above, the problem creators are having with the amount of Fortnite featured in the video – a prominent game of 2018, Fortnite had every right to be in the video, but some creators are upset with the level of focus put on the game, that was not created by any YouTubers. Yes, gaming creators have benefited hugely from the game, and the dances featured from the game have been widely popular on YouTube this year, but some believe that there should have been more focus on YouTube-own creations.

The fifth and final issue (that may or may not come true) is one of future performance – while Rewind is supposed to highlight the best of YouTube, the fact that these ‘best bits’ have created the most disliked video on the platform may affect the minds of brands that would otherwise have paid money to advertise on the platform!

Though YouTube is undoubtedly big enough to overcome such a knock, this one video has definitely not had the intended effect.

Final Thoughts

Although there have been many reactions posted online about this year’s Rewind, PewDiePie’s views on the state of Rewind seem to be ringing truest in the community:

“I remember Rewind [used to be] something that seemed like a homage to the creators that year. It was something cool to be a part of. Now it’s like I’m almost glad I’m not in it, because it’s such a cringey video at this point. It’s so disconnected with the community and its creators.”

I personally feel as though YouTube Rewind 2018 has estranged a lot of YouTube’s own community, and that is its major downfall. A divided community is a less effective and less happy one.

Having said that, there are some positives to the video, and I personally really like the campfire scene of good creators talking over the positive world changes they have been a part of this year – from education to mental health, from Molly Burke to Elle Mills, YouTube Rewind really does have some positives to highlight this year, and that is what I choose to look at.

I also commend the use of several languages in the video, because YouTube is not an English-only platform. The multi-cultural aspects of Rewind 2018 are so much better than we’ve seen before, and although I don’t know several of the creators featured, I will be more likely to broaden my horizons due to this collaboration and positivity.

Check the video out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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