Are You Okay?

Today I received an email with the header, “Are You Okay?”

It looked as though it was from a guy named Dan, and when it popped up in the corner of my screen, I had no indication that it was anything other than someone checking in on me.

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While I have no shortage of wonderful people in my life checking in on me when I’ve been quiet or down, this email actively lightened my mood with its question. The simple sentiment of ‘how are you?’ that is so often lacking in modern communication, was enough for me to open the email and see what it was all about.

Considering I don’t know anyone by this Dan’s full name, I assumed that it would be some marketing or work-related something, and was not surprised to find that it was an offer for a deal relating to one of my subscriptions.

However, this marketing didn’t have any negative effects – unlike some marketing I’ve encountered recently. It was a pleasant and polite read, and although I declined the offer, I felt no sadness in declining, or pressure to purchase anything I didn’t want.

A gentle reminder email, rather than a threatening or shouting one (colourful, in your face, SALES in all caps, etc.), was a pleasant change for my inbox, and I for one, would like to see more of them.

The PR effect of this email is a positive one – for once, I am not annoyed by the marketing that has come to me. I have no negative feelings, which in a world of DO IT NOW, I can say is (in the sad reality of things) a positive thing.

For an email that could have so easily started with something negative like “you’re missing out” or “hurry, while it lasts”, this marketing email didn’t leave me feeling rushed or pressured… instead, it left me with a calmer vibe and sense of wellbeing. I found myself mentally replying that, yes Dan, I think I’m okay, thank you; instead of no Dan, stop harassing me!

In a world of #FOMO and now or never attitudes, it’s funny how simple politeness can make all the difference in public relations.

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