A Rant About Non-Tailored Communications

The most important aspect of any public relations job is communication – this is why a lot of people have started to use the term Communications for many, if not all, of their public relations roles.

So why is it that so many people, even in the industry, don’t used tailored communications?

I will never understand why people are always preached to be unique individuals, but blanket communications are expected to be effective across everyone.

Of course this doesn’t work!For instance, there is no way that you can effectively communicate a pension scheme through Twitter. Elderly people are the least likely demographic to understand, or even interact with, Twitter, therefore it can easily be seen that a tweet campaign would be fruitless.

Equally, you wouldn’t advertise a job-seeking service on a children’s gaming site – none of your core demographic would see such advertisements, and no-one that would see the ad would be able to do anything with that information.

So why I am so upset with this?

As a person with severe anxiety and social anxiety, I find it difficult to interact with people in person. I often find myself missing classes or meetings through no fault of my own.

The people that are the positions above my own are fully aware of this fact, yet I never get the correct communications sent my way. People always assume that I will know what is going on, when no effort has been made to give me any information.

I understand that it may be my responsibility to seek out such information, and I do just that, but oftentimes, even then I am given nothing. It’s as though I’m being punished for not attending these things – again, despite it being out of my control.

And even if I do attend, sometimes the forms of communications are such that I get overwhelmed and struggle to understand.

Or worse yet, to get a point across, I am forced into some awkward social situation such as a group exercise or ‘introduce yourself’ game.

Again, the people in charge of these situations understand that I have issues in terms of being social, yet here I am, being punished by their chosen forms of communication, or shunned entirely from the process of conveying the correct information.

So I ask again, WHY?

Why is this happening? And why is no-one understanding that people don’t always respond to certain types of communication?

Why is communication not more tailored to individuals? I realise this would take a little more time and effort, but I assure you, it will be worth it!

We have more forms of communication than ever, so why are we not using them?

Please, for the sake of the quiet people, or the anxious people, or the people who struggle to read, or the people that struggle to hear; consider your forms of communication and implement a strategy that includes everyone.

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