Jack of All Trades

We live in a time of fast technological growth and ever-expanding expectations. More and more, we are all assumed to be well versed in trends and advancements, as well as keeping up to date on changing social norms and correctness.

Oftentimes we can feel overwhelmed by the evolving world around us, especially in PR.

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In PR, we are each expected to be Jack of All Trades. We are supposed to manage ourselves, our time, our relationships and more – and that’s before we even start thinking about all those same things for our companies or organisations!

The division of our time is a careful balancing act that almost always involves being positive about the past, present and future of our work, whilst also being prepared for the worst in every situation.

We have to maintain both composure and an excited buzz around ourselves.

We must present the best versions of ourselves, while also ensuring that we are authentic.

In the same way that we must change our statuses depending on which social media platform we’re using, we also have to change ourselves depending on the people we are dealing with, or the situations we find ourselves in.

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We underpin society through business and marketing, yet we are often misconstrued as ‘spin-doctors’ or as living a life of luxury by simply planning and attending parties. The perception of PR professionals is perhaps one of the worst things about entering PR, as many people ask why you would want to be associated with the things named above? Why would you want to manipulate people that way? Or could you really do those things?

But the way that I see it (and undoubtedly, most PR professionals see it), is that we are simply maintaining relationships. We are looking after our own relationships with the world, and the relationships between other people or organisations with each other.

We are the doctors, the psychologists, the quiet therapists of the businesses we help; looking after the bodies and minds in our charge, and ensuring that relationships and mindsets run as smoothly as possible…

Yes, I may be romanticising the PR profession a little here, but after the few weeks that I’ve had within the study of PR, the subject needs a little romanticising!

The real meaning behind this post is this: PR isn’t about spinning the truth or manipulating people to believe the best in companies etc. Instead, PR is about creating and maintaining trusting relationships and safeguarding the happiness and satisfaction of all those involved.

I do find it ironic that one of the biggest problems in PR at the moment is a communication issue! However, it is up to the modern PR practitioner to right this wrong and move forward in a better way for all.

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I have had a really tough time lately, and I think that sometimes we all need to just take a step back to see how we can really make a difference in the world whilst also doing the things we love. In the past twelve months, I have really grown to love certain aspects of PR and those are the aspects that I am choosing to share on this blog from now on.

Thanks for sticking with me, and carry on reading for part two of this blog, Master of None!

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