Master of None

This blog post is a follow-up post on last week’s Jack of All Trades, and the second part of the Jack of all trades saying is, as many people know, master of none. In this blog post, I will look into the subject of PR and analyse it in what I hope will be a new way (it’ll certainly be new for me!).

I want to explore the way that being a Public Relations practitioner is a job description, but no-one can truly and fully describe to me what PR is.

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I understand that the basis of PR is the creation and maintenance of relationships, but to maintain even a single, simple relationship has too many facets to count. So then, how are PR practitioners ever expected to fully excel at their jobs?

If we cannot master the job description, how can we master the job itself?

I don’t have a full understanding of this myself yet, but I hope to share how I have come to feel about PR, and how this approach has changed my entire perception of the discipline.

The Jack of all trades, master of none saying means a person who is able to do many different types of work and is often used to refer to people who are very good at fixing problems, or to those that have a wide array of knowledge. Doesn’t that sound like a PR practitioner to you?

I hope that it does, because that’s how it sounds to me. PR professionals have to be good at many different things, not brilliant at one specific skill. And this isn’t a bad thing!

In roles that I’ve had before, I’ve been told that I have to learn the ways that other people have done things. I’ve had to perfect menial tasks and have in-depth knowledge of minuscule subjects – however, in PR, there is so much more to explore!

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PR allows us to move within the space of an organisation, using a range of different skills and areas of expertise. Of course, in-depth knowledge of our clients, organisations and selves is important, but we are able to expand our knowledge every day, as people and situations evolve.

PR isn’t a science. PR is an art form; one that can be done by many different people, in many different ways.

It’s taken a long time, a lot of anxiety and some hard decisions, but these last two posts have simply been my way of saying I get it now!

I get that PR is so much more than the textbooks, the Gantt charts, the rules and regulations (as important as they all are). I understand now that PR is personal, it’s wide and varied to the point of abstraction sometimes. It’s exciting because it is what you make it.

I can’t believe I’m taking up two whole posts to fangirl about PR, but in a dark time, this realisation has hit me hard. It’s taken me aback so much that I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me.

I have no idea where my life will lead, but if you’ve read this far, I hope that you follow this blog and come along on the journey with me!

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