Social Media Pressure = Depression for Kids

With the thought of our peers having more money, holidays and fun than us, or our friends getting luckier in love, ever present in our timelines, the pressures of social media are often felt by all of us.

But as adults, we sometimes have the luxury of realising that people only share their highlights online – filtered and edited snapshots of normal lives to make ourselves look and feel good about how others see our worlds.

However, do children and young adults have that thought process?

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Sociopaths on Social Media

Mental Health issues have never been as publicised as they are right now. With Mental Health Awareness Day and a self-proclaimed “generation of anxiety”, more and more influencers are exposing their mental illnesses to the world via Youtube videos, Instagram posts and tweets.

But with this constant access to Mental Health information coming from often uninformed influencers, the number of people self-diagnosing is on the increase, despite psychologists warning of the dangers of doing so.

Still, it can be seen on many platforms that adults, teens and children are proclaiming themselves to have anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder and more. Unofficially diagnosed people are joining mental health support groups, and some are even claiming

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