I Wonder If She Knows?

Today, I wanted to post a simple tweet of five words that I had been thinking all day:

I wonder if she knows?

But as my thumb hovered over the ‘tweet’ button, something came to mind that I had never really considered before. The thought that this tweet could mean so many things to so many people. Continue reading

The Importance of Plain English

Creative content and well-intentioned ideas are all well and good, but only if people can understand what you’re trying to say.

All too often, I find blog posts, articles and journals to be so difficult to read that I give up halfway through. And I’m sure you’re the same.

We all have things to be getting on with, and the last thing we need is to be sat on our phones or at a desk with a thesaurus and dictionary opened in another tab, deciphering some jargon-filled nonsense online.

So, what can be done? Continue reading

Social Media Pressure = Depression for Kids

With the thought of our peers having more money, holidays and fun than us, or our friends getting luckier in love, ever present in our timelines, the pressures of social media are often felt by all of us.

But as adults, we sometimes have the luxury of realising that people only share their highlights online – filtered and edited snapshots of normal lives to make ourselves look and feel good about how others see our worlds.

However, do children and young adults have that thought process?

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Christmas PResents

No matter who you’re buying presents for this Christmas, your gifts are Public Relations related!

From Lynx Africa gift sets, to actual trips to see wild cats in Africa, Christmas gifts follow the same rules and ideas of so many PR campaigns.

Here is a list of the comparable considerations for gift giving and PR… Continue reading

Three Top Tips for Controlling Your Personalised Ads

Personalised ads are still a relatively knew thing, so how do we control how we interact with them?

Here are three quick and simple tips for controlling your ads, depending on what outcome you’d like – Continue reading

10 Benefits of Having a Custom Domain Name

A free domain can look like this, redpandapublicrelations.wordpress.com; whereas a custom domain name takes out the unnecessary words and creates a more usable domain name, like redpandapublicrelations.com.

Custom domains can be whatever you want them to be, and can end in many different ways, including .com, .co.uk, .wales, .org or many more variations.


The following list contains ten benefits of having your own customised domain name: Continue reading

Sailing the C’s with Richard Bailey

One week ago today, Richard Bailey (PR blogger and mind behind #bestPRblogs) gave a talk to my MSc Public Relations class at the University of South Wales. He imparted some of his seventeen years of blogging know-how, and in just one hour, made the whole class more confident in the art of Public Relations blogging.

He bestowed upon us the three C’s of blogging and shared his opinion one other C that is already becoming very important to the online world of sharing thoughts and ideas. Continue reading