The Importance of Plain English

Creative content and well-intentioned ideas are all well and good, but only if people can understand what you’re trying to say.

All too often, I find blog posts, articles and journals to be so difficult to read that I give up halfway through. And I’m sure you’re the same.

We all have things to be getting on with, and the last thing we need is to be sat on our phones or at a desk with a thesaurus and dictionary opened in another tab, deciphering some jargon-filled nonsense online.

So, what can be done? Continue reading

What Is ‘PR’?

PR stands for Public Relations and refers to the reputation and image of an individual or organisation, and the relationships created and maintained between the individual/organisation and its different publics.

But is that all? There are so many aspects to Public Relations that it is often hard to find a single definition that encompasses everything, however there are several wonderful definitions to be found across the profession, including: Continue reading