Social Anxiety Disguised as Modesty

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I have social anxiety.

I also have a lot of qualifications, experiences and knowledge that I should be sharing with the world.

But I don’t. And here’s why… Continue reading


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Two months ago today, I started a blog named Red Panda Public Relations.

Then, I had no knowledge of Public Relations blogging, or if I’m honest, anything about Public Relations in general!

But here I am, eight weeks and twenty (!) blog posts later, and I am proud of what I have achieved so far… Continue reading

Why I Don’t Show My Face on Red Panda Public Relations

Is it because you’re a bot? No.

Is it because you’re hiding something? Nope.

Is it because you’re not proud of your work? Absolutely not.

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I am flesh and blood, just like anyone reading this. I am proud of each word I write and each idea I present on this blog (I wouldn’t post it if I wasn’t proud of it!). And I’m not hiding anything from my readers or anyone else.

So why don’t I share photos of myself on this blog? The answer is quite simple – I’m scared. Continue reading

Internal Internal Communications

Internal communication is an integral component of a company’s success or failure. So why are our own, personal, internal communications so often neglected?

Obviously, employees know to be polite and kind to colleagues, but why are so few of us kind to ourselves?

This post explores how important self-care and internal-internal communications are in public relations.

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Invisible Illness

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It’s the beginning of week four on my Public Relations course, and already my mental health issues (anxiety and depression) have made life difficult. I only have two days a week to attend lectures, yet somehow, I have already missed one day, walked out of lectures early twice and I’ve had several anxiety attacks in front of my whole class – great start.

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