A Rant About Non-Tailored Communications

The most important aspect of any public relations job is communication – this is why a lot of people have started to use the term Communications for many, if not all, of their public relations roles.

So why is it that so many people, even in the industry, don’t used tailored communications?

I will never understand why people are always preached to be unique individuals, but blanket communications are expected to be effective across everyone.

Of course this doesn’t work! Continue reading

Sailing the C’s with Richard Bailey

One week ago today, Richard Bailey (PR blogger and mind behind #bestPRblogs) gave a talk to my MSc Public Relations class at the University of South Wales. He imparted some of his seventeen years of blogging know-how, and in just one hour, made the whole class more confident in the art of Public Relations blogging.

He bestowed upon us the three C’s of blogging and shared his opinion one other C that is already becoming very important to the online world of sharing thoughts and ideas. Continue reading