A Rant About Non-Tailored Communications

The most important aspect of any public relations job is communication – this is why a lot of people have started to use the term Communications for many, if not all, of their public relations roles.

So why is it that so many people, even in the industry, don’t used tailored communications?

I will never understand why people are always preached to be unique individuals, but blanket communications are expected to be effective across everyone.

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Two months ago today, I started a blog named Red Panda Public Relations.

Then, I had no knowledge of Public Relations blogging, or if I’m honest, anything about Public Relations in general!

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Three Top Tips for Controlling Your Personalised Ads

Personalised ads are still a relatively knew thing, so how do we control how we interact with them?

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Invention is the Mother of Necessity

Most people know the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”, but when has anything been that straight forward in PR?

Everyone knows the term “supply and demand”, but what happens when you have the supply, but you don’t have the demand?

Well, some companies have been known to create their own demand by making people think that they must have a product, or that their product fixes a problem they didn’t even know they had.

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There are countless companies out there that have invented things we didn’t know we needed and other companies have taken it even further than that – they have created health scares and illnesses to ensure that people buy their ‘cures’.

These exaggerations, or blatant lies in some cases, have even been known to slip into urban myth and be passed down from generation to generation.

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10 Benefits of Having a Custom Domain Name

A free domain can look like this, redpandapublicrelations.wordpress.com; whereas a custom domain name takes out the unnecessary words and creates a more usable domain name, like redpandapublicrelations.com.

Custom domains can be whatever you want them to be, and can end in many different ways, including .com, .co.uk, .wales, .org or many more variations.


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The competition for best Christmas advert has been raging through Novembers and Decembers for years now, but in 2018, the frozen food company Iceland have caused a stir by taking such a strong political stand that their Christmas advert has been banned from television entirely.

Through this may seem like a PR disaster for the company, it can actually be considered a wonderful triumph for both Iceland and the cause for which they’re fighting.

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Internal Internal Communications

Internal communication is an integral component of a company’s success or failure. So why are our own, personal, internal communications so often neglected?

Obviously, employees know to be polite and kind to colleagues, but why are so few of us kind to ourselves?

This post explores how important self-care and internal-internal communications are in public relations.

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